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The All Things Olive Difference

Olive oil is a slippery world, with little federal or state oversight.  

This makes knowing who—specifically—made your olive oil essential.

You'll know at All Things Olive.  

All the olive oils we sell have been labeled by the family-owned farms in Northern California that produced them.  This is the only way to know for certain when your oil was made, how it was made, and where it was made.

Come taste the difference that real, fresh extra virgin olive oil can add to any dish.


Olio Nuovo is Here!

Stop by one of our market locations to taste the first pressing of the 2016 harvest season!

It's the freshest, most flavorful olive oil you can buy--only availble this month!

All Things Olive Judging Again in Good Food Awards

We're honored to be a judge of this year's outstanding extra virgin olive oils at the 2017 Good Food Awards.

Winners will be announced in January!

All Things Olive Hosts Special Event — The Olive: From Tree to Table.

Special Event
The Olive - From Tree to Table

Saturday, Oct 15, 2016, 2 PM - 4 PM
United States Botanic Garden

Washington's News Media Features All Things Olive  
WJLA Channel 7  Good Morning Washington 

Real Olive Oils, Real Producers

Albert Katz, KATZ FARM
Napa Valley/Suisun Valley, CA


Albert Katz’s favorite place on earth is in the middle of his olive groves where it is peacefully serene, and the shade of the trees keeps the air cool. It all started after moving with his family to the Napa Valley in 1993, and having a fortuitous meeting with a newly forming group trying to grow olive trees that eventually led to the founding of the California Olive Oil Council. Thus began a 23+ journey of discovery of how to grow and farm olive trees, and how to produce authentic, world-class extra virgin olive oil. 


Now all these years later, KATZ has garnered 35+ gold medals and 4 Best of Show awards for their organic, estate-grown extra virgin olive oils.  Albert, and his wife Kim, remain committed to continuing their support of the evolving sustainable food movement in this country, and to their own organic farming practices through good stewardship of their groves in the Suisun Valley just a few miles east of their home in Napa.


Kensington Farmers' Market | 10417 Howard Avenue | Kensington, MD
Bethesda Central Farm Market | Bethesda Elementary School | Bethesda, MD